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Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand MR150 "Man Rider" Air Winch (IN STOCK)

Ingersoll Rand MR150 Man Rider® Air Winch

Capacity: 330 lb (150 kg)


Capacity (Top Layer)
330 lb (150 kg)
Ingersoll Rand MR150 "Man Rider" Air Winch (IN STOCK)
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Ingersoll Rand MR150KA-1CE - air winch, auto drum & disc brake, limit switch, emergency stop (IN STOCK) MR150KA-1CE Each
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Ingersoll Rand MR150 Air Winches

Since 1924, Ingersoll Rand has been building extremely durable and reliable hoists and winches. Designed to work in harsh environments and built using rugged steel and stainless steel Ingersoll Rand doesn’t take shortcuts and never uses inferior components. Ingersoll Rand MR150 Man Rider winches are specifically designed to minimize the risks of lifting people. They meet or exceed strict safe-lifting standards and include features like emergency lowering, slack line detection and redundant braking systems to help ensure the safety of workers. Ingersoll Rand pioneered the development of Man Rider winches and has provided thousands of them to drilling companies around the world in the most extreme environments. This experience is built into every Man Rider winch we sell. Trust Ingersoll Rand MR150 Man Rider winches to help you protect your most important asset, your people.

Why should you use an Ingersoll Rand Man Rider® Winch instead of a standard winch to lift and lower people on an oil rig?

In one word, safety. Deaths and serious injuries caused by falls are common in the oil and gas industry. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 186 lost time or disabling falls to lower levels in the Alberta, Canada upstream oil and gas industry.
  • 7% of US and 9% of Middle East/African oil worker fatalities caused by falls from higher to lower levels.
  • 41 serious injuries attributed to falls from height with 1 fatality in the North Sea.

Ingersoll Rand Man Rider winches provide safety features that greatly reduce the risk of these types of incidents. From integrated limit switches that prevent raising or lowering a person past a safe point, to dual braking systems, to a slack arm prevention system that automatically stops wire rope from being paid out in case of obstruction that reduces the risk of accidental fall, Ingersoll Rand Man Rider winches combine all the features you need to comply with onshore and offshore regulations for personnel lifting. But even more importantly, Ingersoll Rand Man Rider winches help protect the one piece of critical equipment on your rig that can never be replaced – your people.

Capacity (Top Layer)
330 lb (150 kg)
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